Our Academic Sections

Pre-School / Nursery School

Our aim at Marymount School is to provide first class nursery experience, which ensures the development of intellectual curiosity through explorative play and gross and fine motor skills development. We have adopted the use of Montessori materials and methods of instruction and are fully equipped. Our aim is to capture the child during this sensori motor intelligence and language growth stage and provide an environment conducive for early development of skills through structured play.

Primary School

After seven years of operating as a Pre-School/Nursery, Marymount decided to build on a highly successful formula by incorporating education at the primary level and opened its doors to its first set of Primary pupils in September 2014. We have since then continued to ensure that class sizes remain small and manageable to allow one on one attention. This has been one of the secrets of our success with our children. Our primary school pedagogy recognizes individual learning styles and tailors its broad and interdisciplinary curriculum to each pupil's learning style.
Each child has the opportunity to be himself, develop self-confidence and take on more responsibilities.

Admission! Admission!! Admission!!!

As an international school, admission is open to all irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Children of all nationalities and religious denomination from six (6) months are accepted.
In addition the school has an Indian Section
which follows the Indian School Calendar and the Indian CBSE syllabus.

Interested parents should call 07031266364, 08116887711 to submit their details or send it by email to marymountlagos@gmail.com

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