Our Curriculum


Detailed reports on the child's progress are provided daily. Assessments for learning are done at the commencement of term to develop each child’s education plan and assessment done at the end of every term to monitor learning. We have a strong commitment to parental involvement and our plans for the school year are shared with parents through our newsletters and Parent Orientation Conferences held every term. Open days are held each term to afford parents opportunity to have formal consultation with the teachers and talk about their children's progress. Parents are also welcome to come in to discuss their child's progress at any time during the term.

Admission! Admission!! Admission!!!

As an international school, admission is open to all irrespective of race, religion or nationality. Children of all nationalities and religious denomination from six (6) months are accepted.
In addition the school has an Indian Section
which follows the Indian School Calendar and the Indian CBSE syllabus.

Interested parents should call 07031266364, 09033970358 to submit their details or send it by email to marymountlagos@gmail.com

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